Older Two’s

Older Two’s: Age 2.5 – 3 years old by 9/1 of the school year

We offer a choice of a two-day or three-day option for this age group, as the developmental needs of these children vary widely.  For some children, this will be their first experience in a drop-off program, and separation can be a primary concern.  The teachers will spend a great deal of time at the beginning of the school year developing a sense of trust.  As the children become more comfortable and secure, they will then be able to develop more independence and to begin to assert themselves in the classroom.

A typical day for this group begins in the classroom.  The teachers create an environment where the children feel safe and experience a sense of belonging.  They carefully plan activities for the various areas in the classroom that will be challenging yet manageable, fostering self-esteem and competence.  As the children enter the room, they are warmly greeted and encouraged to find an interesting, appealing activity in which to become involved.  Choices might include playdough, sensory tables, manipulatives, an art project, easel painting or dramatic play.  This free choice continues for the first hour and the teachers will then signal a clean-up time.  Everyone participates in putting away the toys and equipment, with the teachers directing and guiding the children for a positive and productive experience.  Group snack time will follow, and during this time, the children further build their social skills.  An age-appropriate circle time is then provided, and the teachers include songs, rhymes, fingerplays and movement activities that encourage pre-literacy skills.  Our music teacher also visits on a weekly basis, creating a stimulating, enjoyable combination of singing, listening, moving and playing instruments.  All of this is followed by outdoor time on our playground, where the children will engage in play that will promote their physical development.

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