Acri – Young Two’s

Acri – Young Two’s: Age 2 – 2.5 years old by 9/1 of the school year

This is our newest age group offering, and we are very excited about its potential.  Two-year-olds are finding out about themselves, you, and the world around them.  Indeed, it has been said that the child between the ages of one and three learns more in that short span of time than he is ever to learn the rest of his life.  What an amazing opportunity!  We believe that our teachers are there to mold, stretch, encourage, guide, support, and nurture in the best ways possible.

Our newly refurbished classroom has been designed with this specific age group in mind.  The toys and equipment have been carefully selected by the teachers to provide stimulating, challenging and enjoyable opportunities that will meet their developmental needs.  As your child enters the room, he/she will be given enough time to observe and select an activity of his/her own choice. Whenever possible, there will be two of everything so that no one needs to wait too long for a turn, as sharing is an especially challenging concept for this age group!  The children will be allowed to enjoy this free play for the initial hour of their time together.  During this time, they are not only involved in interesting and fun activities, but they are learning about themselves, their abilities, and also about their classmates.

After free play, the children are encouraged to assist in cleaning up the toys, and then they are invited to select a book and participate in group time.  The teachers will have carefully chosen appropriate songs, fingerplays and activities to engage the children’s interest.   A group snack time is also included during this portion of the day, and this enables the children to become more familiar with one another and the teachers.  The morning concludes with outdoor play on our playground, or, during inclement weather, in our indoor playroom.

Registration Forms: 2014-2015 Registration Form.