Willow Wood Traditions

Part of what makes Willow Wood special are the time-honored traditions shared by students and their families over the years. A brief list of these include:

Popsicle Play date

A new tradition to Willow Wood, the popsicle play date is prior to the beginning of the year at a local park.  New and old Willow Wood families get a chance to meet each other before the school year begins.  And who doesn’t like a popsicle on a warm summer morning!

Sing Along

Another new tradition to Willow Wood, our music teacher leads a family sing-along early one evening during the winter months.  Children get to sing the songs they sing weekly at school and parents enjoy the music (and sing along if they want to!)

Nightshirt Tales

Nightshirt Tales are a beloved tradition at Willow Wood.  The children and their parents are invited to come to school at 6:30PM for a special hour of activities, favorite songs, games and fingerplays.  Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas, and their teachers often do so as well!  This fun-filled evening concludes with a bedtime story and good-night song.

Dad’s Saturday

A Saturday morning opportunity for the dad’s to get to visit the classroom.  Of course, dad’s are always welcome any day of the week